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Who we are...  

Formed in 2004, FIL180.COM is a professional

DESIGN HOUSE of Graphic Artists, Website Designers Creative Consultants and in-house print studio.

We offer you a professional approach to highlight and grow your business and brand awareness through visual and practical marketing and media solutions.

Our varied catalogue of products and services is cost-effective in offering innovative and original ideas that will give your company a fresh and dynamic brand identity for the changing times ahead...



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what  we  do...

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design, graphics & printing

We are so much more than a Design House...

Our creative team collaborates and looks outside the box

when putting designs together for you to choose from.


be the start of a profitable future for your business!

Send us an EMAIL outlining what your company is about,

and what you would like to achieve with our services, and

one of our team will arrange a meeting with you to discuss

your thoughts and ideas and how to achieve your goals...

Visit our LOOKBOOKS for prices & products..!

website creation & Management

A multi-functional website is a window to your business...

Visit our LOOKBOOKS and find out more about your dynamic

and exciting NEW WEBSITE.

Our competitive costs and eye-catching layouts combine to

give you a stylish, interactive website that offers a FREE mobile platform and comprehensive links to all Social Media and ECommerce online options.


event Concepts & hosting

We offer complete packages to promote your company

across a variety of marketing and media strategies.

Your personal Creative Consultant will discuss the goals

that you want to achieve...

By considering all the options available we will put together

a dynamic and memorable event that is tailored to your

budget and criteria.

Our LOOKBOOKS show you innovative and practical

solutions to highlight all aspects of your company and its

place in today's commercial market.

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your free consultation...

we will email you in 24 hours with your consultation or quotation. . .

...and we wouldn't want you to commit without options so your

itemized consultation will incorporate your quotation for you to consider...  

Your personal Creative Consultant will also offer you alternative and

practical cost-effective suggestions if you are working within a budget.




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Our Creative Consultants are located throughout Ireland.

Tel: 00353 (0)86 400 5810

Email: sales@fil180.com OR complete the reply form below.


Office & studio HOURS


Our business hours are tailored around you, the client, and because

of the existing COVID-19 pandemic we are flexible according

to the demands and limitations of all client projects we are working on.

Our web developers also offer a 24/7 Design Service for website deadline criteria.

(Delivery times may vary, but we will keep you updated with the progress of your order/s) 

drop us an email
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We want to make your user experience on our website as friendly as possible.   
If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you...
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