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Newspapers were so interesting... could read them, wrap your fish and chips in them, and even start a fire with them!

So it's about time you leapt into a new era of website wonder.

It's painless, and we do all the work so that you don't have to.

Don't worry we won't get all "Tekky" on you, just give you all the answers you need to put your mind at ease..., lets dive in!

Q: What can I call my website?

A: The name of your website is known as the DOMAIN ADDRESS.

It normally relates to your Company Name.

Shorter names are recommended because you will need to create an Email address/s for your business, which are quicker to type if shorter and easier to remember!

We will check to find out if your proposed name is available or offer alternatives for you to consider.

You will then need to register/purchase the DOMAIN ADDRESS and you are ready to go!   (We will walk you through this process...).

Q: Is my website permanent?

A: Your website and domain address are managed and hosted by a holding platform to which you pay a monthly (or annual) charge.

We offer you both payment options for a minimum of ONE YEAR, or until your site platform is due for renewal, when we will let you know well in advance of the required payment dates.


These are exciting times as you start to see your website taking shape...

...keep a paper & pen handy so that you can note down any ideas you think of in everyday life.

It could be an advert you like on the TV, or a colour you can imagine on your website pages...

Perhaps you have come up with a Tag Line you like..."I'm Lovin' It" (McDonalds)

Visit or WEBSITE PAGE for more information...

Q: What do I need to get my website live & online?

A: You will need:



  • payed by Direct Debit).

  • The DESIGN/BUILD of your website (through FIL180)

  • Business EMail address/s.  (We will set these up for you).

  • Additional APPLICATIONS for online shopping inc. PayPal or Credit Card if you intend to sell your products online.

FIL180 work in association with professional companies and services: 

Q: What is the cost of building & designing my website?

A: That depends on content and the number of pages you require to showcase your company and its products...we will discuss this with you at your initial FREE CONSULTATION.

One of our Creative Consultants will offer suggestions to help make the design process seamless.

Q: I don't have any images, and I'm not too sure how to describe my business & what I do?

A: One of our Creative Consultants will spent time with you discussing all your ideas and content for your website to make it stand out from the crowd!

Our team of designers are with you every step of the way, through the design process and also editing and sourcing all images & compiling body copy, creating a professional & dynamic website that looks stunning and raises the profile of your business, highlighting your services and products for existing and potential clients to see.

Q: How long will it take for my website to go "Live"?

A: We normally try to complete the design & protocols for your website in a matter of weeks.

Once you are happy with the design & content, we proof read the copy and fine tune any elements that need adjusting...

Most websites take up to 48 hours to propogate the World Wide Web.

We will let you know when your website goes "Live" our team monitor your live site and edit any "Bugs" that show in content & design.

When any changes have been made, they will show on your live website instantly!

Q: Can I edit my website whenever I want to?

A: When your website goes live we transfer the platform from our editing suite into your own account.

You can then make any amendments & additions to your site down the line.

We keep a copy of your site in our portfolio, just in case you run into problems!

You can Email us from our CONTACT PAGE.


You cannot edit the website during the design process, but once transferred into your account we recommend you ask one of our team to walk you through the basics with our FREE ONLINE TUTORIAL.

Remember that if you are feeling adventurous, and attempt to go it alone, any elements and errors within the design will be rectified at a fee from our design team!

Remember: Let's Chat !

Q: Can I view my website on a mobile device?


We will edit your website so that it can be viewed on ANY mobile device. 

ie: iPad, mobile phone or tablet.

Don't worry...the design of your mobile site is FREE!

BOOM! You now have a visual presence on the planet!

THAT'S IT!     Welcome to the new world of online exciting websiting!

Not so scary was it?

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Our experienced staff are always available to offer advise and suggestions that will make your interactive website even more user-friendly.

All our websites operate on multi-platforms.

Laptop,tablet & mobile.